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Windham's Guide to Outdoor Oasis Makeovers

The Libby Starnes Team

We're dedicated to bringing you a one-of-a-kind real estate experience you won't find anywhere else.

We're dedicated to bringing you a one-of-a-kind real estate experience you won't find anywhere else.

Mar 1 5 minutes read

As the icy grips of a Windham winter make way for the thaw, it's a stellar time to revitalize your outdoor area. Whether it’s a grand backyard typical of the spacious properties along South Street or a snug porch you enjoy overlooking the Presumpscot River, our unique Windham, Maine charm can shine through in your outdoor retreat. Let's unearth some imaginative approaches to turn your alfresco spaces into sanctuaries of peace and festivity.

Designate Your Outdoor Spaces

In envisioning your outdoor upgrades, consider the multifaceted landscapes of Gorham—from the rippling fields along Fort Hill to serene spots close to Husky Brook, our spaces can mirror our diverse surroundings. Plan to segment your backyard into various functional zones, mirroring our town’s versatility. Brew your morning coffee in a cozy corner akin to a café on Main Street, or mimic Narragansett Park's picnic vibe with an open dining area featuring local craftsmanship in your choice of tables and seating.

Infuse Your Space with Lush Maine Greenery

Gorham's transition from winter to spring flourishes in vibrant green. Reflect this in your outdoor haven with native plantings—perhaps a selection from Northeast Nursery—adding indigenous perennials or crafting a container garden with flora from Little River Flower Farm. If space is limited as in the quaint quarters of a colonial revival balcony, a hanging garden echoing the verticality of Gorham's historic district can be a splendid addition.

Invest in Durable Outdoor Furnishings

Outdoor ensembles in Gorham need to withstand our unique Northeastern climate. Choose robust materials reminiscent of the steadfastness of Baxter Memorial Library—weather-proof wicker, marine-grade aluminum, or locally sourced timber. Adorn these with weather-resistant cushions and artisan throw pillows in patterns that nod to our maritime heritage for a space that's as enduring as it is welcoming.

Let There Be Light: Gorham After Dark

Our Gorham days may be long yet evenings by a fire pit can feel all too short. Extend this time with enchanting lighting—string fairy lights like those which might adorn the Art Gallery on School Street, or install solar fixtures along pathways, which are reminiscent of the street lamps lining Historic Gorham Village, ensuring a warm glow well past dusk.

Secure Your Private Maine Getaway

Seeking solitude? As necessary as peaceful moments are at Shaw Park, introducing elements of privacy can transform your space. Erect tall fences for a rustic barrier, or for a lighter touch, consider tall grasses akin to those found swaying at Shaw Brothers Family Park for a soft but effective screen.

Reflect Gorham’s Natural Tranquility with Water Features

Inspired by the rhythmic flow of Little River or the placid surface of Mighty Gorham Pond, introduce a water feature into your garden. The murmur of a water element can mask the whispers of suburbia and infuse your milieu with the tranquility that Gorham’s natural landmarks provide.

Seek Refuge in the Shade

With spring sun in full swing, it’s vital to have shaded retreats akin to the covered bridges that dot the Maine landscape. Incorporate a canvas of protection with umbrellas featuring local artisan designs or a pergola covered with a retractable awning—the perfect shield from the midday sun and occasional April shower.

Accessorize with a Personal Touch

Echo the local art scene, from the Gorham Arts Alliance to craft fairs, in your choice of accessories. Vibrant outdoor rugs, water-resistant throw blankets, and weatherproof cushions can mirror the warmth of our community and the personality of its members.

Maintain Gorham's Beauty with Ease

Lastly, Gorham's outdoors should be a haven, not a chore. Opt for enduring materials and perennials that require minimal upkeep for a garden that's as carefree as our summer concerts at the gazebo on the village green.

Upgrading your Gorham outdoor space before the onset of spring is an enriching way to boost your home's appeal and embrace the outdoors. Regardless of your yard's scale, these tips can help to carve out a little slice of Maine's beauty right at home. So start planning now, and by the time the blackflies bid us hello, you'll be ready to soak up every moment of Gorham's springtime glory.

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